Gloria Norris’ Sobering Gun Violence Essay for Marie Claire

First things first: We are very happy to report that not only has Kookooland been receiving terrific word-of-mouth among readers (thanks in no small part to Regan Arts’ wonderful work in getting the book into the hands of the right people) but it’s been receiving attention in some high-profile national journals.

In addition to rave mentions in such outlets as NPR and Kirkus, Kookooland was recently featured as a book of the month pick for both Elle magazine and Oprah Magazine.

Author Gloria Norris was also recently asked to publish an essay on gun violence and women for  Marie Claire. Entitled “I Pulled a Gun on My Father at Just 9 Years Old,” the essay is a sobering, compelling, and essential read that is indicative of the sort of unflinching, gritty candor that makes Kookooland such an important memoir. We are so glad that Marie Claire gave Norris a platform to speak on this important, urgent issue that affects untold scores of women on a daily basis.

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