KIRKUS Gives KOOKOOLAND Glowing Review!

I am so delighted to announce that KooKooLand recently received a rave review from Kirkus!   The full review can be found on the Kirkus website, as well as on our Press page, but here is an excerpt for you now!

“An intelligent and bracing memoir.”

“The author escaped by becoming the only member of her working-class family to go to college, where she immersed herself in the filmmaking that became her life’s work. Away from her home and the father who terrorized it, Norris finally began the slow process of learning how to remove the words that her father put into her mouth “like a ventriloquist.”

By turns heartbreaking and darkly humorous, the book not only offers a compelling yet comic portrayal of a fraught father-daughter relationship. Norris also reveals the way violence can become a self-replicating cancer within families. An intelligent and bracing memoir.”

Even though the book doesn’t hit stores until January 5, the early notices we’ve been receiving are thrilling: thank you so much to everyone involved in making this memoir possible.

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